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Dr. Sunil Kumawat

Dr. Sunil Kumawat

Director cum Veterinary Surgeon
M.V.Sc in Surgery & Radiology
Member Of MWSAVA and MSAVA
Ex. Surgeon of CP Vet Hospital, New Delhi


Dr. Sunil Kumawat is a 2010 graduated from Rajuvas Bikaner and post graduated in Veterinary Surgery and Radiology in 2012 from Rajuvas Bikaner specialization in canine and feline surgery. He had been working from 5 years as a small animal veterinarian in Delhi.


He has a great experience on small animal surgery and medicine. He is able to handle all type of critical cases. His great analytical skills ensure nothing is hidden from his eyes thus giving accurate diagnosis.


He is also a member of Small Animal Veterinary Association (MSAVA) Delhi and World Small Animal Veterinary Association (MWSAVA).


Dr. Sunil Kumawat understands that your pet is your family, and should always be treated as such. We offer complete veterinary care and offer house calls when needed. Jaipur Pet Hospital is providing a huge range of accessories (cosmetics, treats, grooming items, all kinds of foods) for your pet, all kinds of medicines, all kinds of treatments and surgerical treatments.







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We're committed to your pet's health.

Jaipur pet hospital is a full service animal hospital offering the excellent medical, surgical and dental veterinary care. Plus our in-house pharmacy, laboratory and radiology capabilities make us the one-stop for all your pet's medical care.

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At JPH, we are incredibly passionate about the health of your pets. We provide innovative programs designed to keep your pet in tip-top shape. These programs are-

Pet weight management-
Weight magt. And good nutrition are key to keeping your pet healthy! Learn more about managing your pet’s weight here.

Pet Life-stages-
Whether your pet is a new arrival or has already become a lifelong friend, he need care tailored to his stage of life.

Pet Parasites-
Did You Know that no pet is safe from parasites? And at JPH we can help protect your dog from parasites.

Pet Breeds-
you already know that your pet is unique, whether by breed or just his great personality. However do you also know what health issues he may face through the years? Get the info and reach out to us with your questions- we are here to help you!

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Caring Your Pets The Way We Care For Our Own
At JPH, your pet’s health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal. We strive to provide the very best in medical care, and our hospitals provide a full range of general, surgical and specialized care. This is how our veterinarians would treat their own pets and we offer nothing less than that to you.


We are giving 24*7 support facility to all kind of medical emergency for your pet.

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Comprehensive, high quality veterinary care available. Request to make an appointment today.

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